Proxy voting adviser Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) has released the results of its annual global benchmark policy survey and a new survey on climate-related issues ahead of its policy updates for the 2022 proxy season.

Issues discussed included problematic practices for virtual meetings and standard policies for racial equality audits. An almost equal number of respondents believed that most companies would benefit from racial equality audits and that whether a company would benefit depended on case-specific factors, with neither group in the majority.

The climate survey in particular points to a discriminatory approach from investors; 83% of investor respondents wanted to see disproportionate emitters of greenhouse gases be subject to more stringent evaluations. And while a slight plurality of investors favored annual “say on climate” votes, more than one-third would prefer such votes be limited to certain companies on a case-specific basis.

Also included in the climate survey was a list of “dealbreakers” that would lead to investors opposing climate transition plans. Six listed topics were identified by more than half of the 162 investor respondents.

ISS will release its draft policies for public comment later this month, before finalizing them in December for meetings starting on February 1.