A campaign that sought the removal of Angela Braly from Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) board failed to win the favor of investors at the S&P 500 consumer goods company’s October 12 annual meeting.

Braly’s re-election won 92% support, according to Proxy Insight Online data.

The campaign, announced on August 26 by climate advocacy group Stand.Earth, expressed concern with the “environmental destruction” driven by P&G’s supply chain practices, along with allegations of forced labor and land conflicts.

P&G’s lead director, Angela Braly, and governance and public responsibility committee chair, James McNerney, came under fire for “failing to take responsibility” for these issues, despite a shareholder proposal that sought reporting on efforts to limit deforestation winning 67.7% support at P&G’s 2020 annual meeting.

In response to the campaign, McNerney announced he would not stand for re-election at P&G’s 2021 annual meeting, leaving campaigners to focus their efforts on Braly’s removal from the board.

“Her past position as chair of a key ExxonMobil committee shows how comfortable she is putting profits over people, and upholding the oil and gas industry’s long-running climate denial efforts,” Tyson Miller, forest programs director at Stand.Earth, told Proxy Insight Online in an interview. “It is no surprise Braly has also utterly failed to help P&G address the human rights and environmental violations in its supply chains, despite clear direction from shareholders to address those concerns.”

A shareholder proposal filed by James McRitchie, asking P&G to adopt a policy to include non-management employees as prospective director candidates, received 7.8% support.