Coca-Cola Co.’s remuneration report narrowly passed at the beverage giant’s April 26 annual meeting, amid concerns of excessive CEO payouts.

Coca-Cola’s “say on pay” proposal won 50.5% support, according to Insightia Voting data.

Shareholders criticized CEO James Quincey’s $6.5 million pay rise, resulting in him earning 1,791 times more than the median company employee.

Finance committee chair Barry Diller received 83.1% support.

A shareholder proposal, filed by The National Legal and Policy Centre, asking Coca-Cola to adopt a policy requiring its board chair to be independent won 27.8% support.

A similar proposal received 18% support at the company’s 2019 annual meeting.

Proposals seeking reporting on Coca-Cola’s political influence and external public health costs won 12.7% and 11.3% support, respectively.