CDP’s 2022 campaign has attracted record participation, with a 57% annual increase in the number of financial institutions requesting environmental disclosure from portfolio companies.

In a Wednesday press release, CDP said that in its current campaign its 263 member institutions are targeting 1,473 companies across 50 countries, including Tesla, Exxon Mobil, and Glencore, to use CDP to disclose information on their environmental impact.

Approximately 25% of companies targeted already disclose some of their environmental impact data through the environmental disclosure platform but are still being targeted, on the grounds that their disclosure could be improved.

For example, this year CDP and member institutions are calling on General Electric to specifically disclose its water-related sustainability data, and Toyota Motor Corp. is facing pressure to enhance disclosure relating to deforestation.

This annual initiative attempts to increase disclosure among companies that have either never disclosed environmental data, or stopped disclosing, through CDP. The campaign has seen an average of 38% annual participation growth each year since its 2017 inception.

“Engagement is critical to driving disclosure, and disclosure is the first step to environmental action,” said Laurent Babikan, joint global director of capital markets at CDP, in the press release. ”With a series of mandatory environmental disclosure requirements on the horizon in regions including the U.S., U.K., Japan, E.U., New Zealand, and India, non-disclosure will no longer be an option for many of these companies.”

CDP is a non-profit organization that receives government funding to accelerate corporate climate reporting. Its 263 members manage over $31 trillion in assets, and includes fund managers such as Aviva Investors, Legal & General Investment Management, and Schroders.