Twitter has sued Elon Musk to force Tesla’s billionaire CEO to go ahead with his $44-billion purchase of the social media platform. Before the weekend, Musk said he was giving up on the buyout, blaming the company for misrepresenting user data.

“Musk apparently believes that he – unlike every other party subject to Delaware contract law – is free to change his mind, trash the company, disrupt its operations, destroy stockholder value, and walk away,” said Twitter in a complaint reviewed by Insightia’s Activism module.

When revealing his intention to drop the $44-billion takeover on Friday, Musk explained that Twitter had breached the terms of the merger agreement by refusing to provide data needed to evaluate the number of bots and spam accounts on the platform. Before that, Musk said he believed at least 20% of the accounts on the network were fake, far above the 5% estimated in Twitter’s filings.

But in its complaint Tuesday, Twitter said Musk was the one in breach of the merger contract and claimed Tesla’s CEO was using the bot issue as a pretext to terminate the deal.

Musk announced plans to buy Twitter for $54.20 per share in April. The stock closed at $34.06 Tuesday, more than 37% lower than Musk’s offer.

Hindenburg Research had a short bet on Twitter in May based on the belief Musk would push for a lower price. Hindenburg covered his position after Musk put the deal on hold and hinted at a renegotiation, which crashed the stock.